ROXi selects Frequency to deliver new music video channels on FAST. First 10 ROXi music video channels launch on LG Channels.

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March 12, 2024

ROXi has selected Frequency, the engine behind many of the world’s best-known streaming television channels and connected TV platforms, to deliver the ROXi TV channels to FAST providers.

12 March 2024 - Connected TV World Summit, London - Music streaming company ROXi announces it is launching a range of linear music video channels on FAST (Free Advertising Supported Television). ROXi has selected Frequency, the engine behind many of the world’s best-known streaming television channels and connected TV platforms, to deliver the ROXi TV channels to FAST providers. LG is the first to roll out ROXi music video channels to UK consumers, with 10 already available on LG Channels.

ROXi music video channels delivered by Frequency to LG Channels’ FAST users on LG Smart TVs across the UK include Hot Right Now; the latest music videos from the world’s biggest stars featuring Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, Music Video Karaoke featuring official music videos of some of the best karaoke tracks of all time with scrolling lyrics, and Greatest Music Videos of All Time, a selection of the best music videos ever made from the likes of Beyoncé, Prince and Eminem.*

“We believe consumers deserve the best made-for-TV music experience, which is why we’re making ROXi’s curated music video channels available to millions of FAST users for free,” said ROXi CEO Rob Lewis.  

“ROXi brings real-world data and curation insights from years of ROXi TV app usage to build highly optimised linear music video channels for FAST platforms that users will love.” Lewis continued.  “Working with Frequency enables us to rapidly roll out our music video channels to FAST platforms in the UK, US and beyond,” continued Lewis.

ROXi is using Frequency Studio 5.0 – the only true cloud-native multi-tenant SaaS platform in the industry – to deliver the LG Channels and others as they come online. With Studio 5.0, Frequency brings a powerful and fresh approach to creating, managing and distributing streaming television channels – along with a proven track record of rapid deployment, with its customers operating 500 channels through over 70 distribution platforms. The Frequency platform offers advanced automation capabilities while seamlessly integrating into existing workflows.

“ROXi’s curated music video channels are a natural fit for FAST,” said Frequency CEO Blair Harrison. “FAST channels are reshaping the steaming television landscape. The ability to rapidly launch services efficiently and cost-effectively is increasingly essential for ROXi and other FAST providers around the world seeking to monetise media assets. Frequency Studio 5.0 offers ROXi an incredibly efficient, best-in-class suite of tools that ensure its channels are up and running quickly and easily.” 

ROXi’s new linear FAST channels represent a natural extension to ROXi’s TV app business, which provides full on-demand interactive music video streaming and curated music video channels. FAST represents a fantastic opportunity for ROXi to reach new connected audiences with its curated music video channels.

The international growth of FAST has been meteoric, with 57% of US TV viewers watching FAST channels in 2023, up from 40% in 2020.* FAST services are also gaining traction with UK TV users, with 20.6 million UK FAST TV users predicted by 2027.* 

In addition to its new FAST channels, ROXi’s free TV app is available now on a wide range of Smart and Pay TV platforms, including Sky Q, Stream and Glass, LG, Samsung, Fire TV, Android TV and Google TV.  The company has secured deals with over 90% of the US Smart and Pay TV providers, with ROXi’s TV app set to launch across the US in the coming months.

ROXi’s launch on FAST follows the company’s partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group, announced at CES, which saw ROXi launch revolutionary interactive music channels on the new digital standard for US TV, ATSC 3.0.

*Full list of ROXi music video channels on LG Channels below.
*Statista, May 2023, ‘Share of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platform viewers in the United States from 2020 to 2023’

Statista, Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) - United Kingdom

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