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Cloud-Based Live Linear Solutions

Together, Frequency and AWS provide channel operators with a powerful toolset for creating and operating broadcast-quality channels in the cloud to a global audience at tremendous scale.

Studio 5’s cloud linear channel operation and distribution solution is built seamlessly within the AWS platform, leveraging MediaServices as an essential component of the core platform functionality. By combining Studio 5's user-friendly tools and advanced automation with a deep integration to AWS' scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure, we offer a complete solution that simplifies content management, scheduling, motion graphics, ad insertion, and stream health monitoring to deliver 24/7 linear programming.
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Workflow Overview

Case Study

Scripps Networks had licensed their cable networks with traditional ad loads to FAST platforms that required significantly lower ad loads. Scripps Networks needed a distribution solution that transformed their channels’ ad loads to be in compliance with the platforms ad policies.
Frequency developed an HLS Manipulation solution that would introspect the input stream’s ad pods against the platform ad policy and then retime or remove the ad pod by replacing the identified parts of the stream with short-form interstitial VOD content provided via an MRSS feed and editing the stream’s SCTE-35.
The resulting channel outputs were fully compliant with the platforms’ ad policy with a seamless player experience, allowing Scripps Networks to maximize monetization on other platforms while meeting their obligations with the platforms mandating lower ad loads.




Ingestion is supported utilizing AWS S3 buckets for asset ingestion via watch folders, video package detection, and metadata parsing of provided manifest files.


XML parsing of inbound MRSS formats through Studio 5's content ingestion and normalization pipeline.


Frequency can create custom integrations with external content workflows utilizing public API endpoints.



Easily package movies, episodes, specials with frame accurate ad pod and interstitial placement into saved programs for reuse. Further support is provided for dynamic interstitials allowing for automatic placement of promos and idents based on business rules.


Seamlessly switch between scheduled VOD and live programming. Live can be managed by scheduling in advance complete with fallback content or ad hoc as required. 


Short-form content can be created into scheduled programming blocks with automated ad break insertion based on defined ad loads.


Studio 5 provides program scheduling automation capabilities for both series and playlist content sourcing based on business rules, including latest, shuffle, do not repeat, and support for backup content. Programs can be executed as far in advance as desired and up to 15 minutes before playhead, dynamically generated based on user-defined business rules.


Channel Output

24x7 cloud-based live linear streams are powered with AWS MediaLive through any number of supported live video protocols, such as HLS, RTP-FEC, and RTMP.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphic overlays are dynamically generated utilizing metadata from assets scheduled in your channel schedule based on custom compositions. Graphics are created automatically at four defined triggers - program start, program end, ad start, and ad end. 


Cue Point Detection

Studio 5's proprietary break detection service runs in AWS environments with the capability to detect potential cue points across hundreds of assets simultaneously. Allowing operators to find cue points for an entire library in a matter of minutes, with a minimum threshold of a single frame of black or audio silence.

Asset Metadata

Studio 5 inserts asset metadata into the stream to facilitate contextual advertising experiences.


Studio 5 supports SSAI via AWS MediaTailor through VAST compatible ad tags, including client-side beaconing and asset-level dynamic macros.



Studio 5 delivers HLS outputs from AWS MediaLive encoders to our edge CDN via Amazon CloudFront.

Secure with DRM

Studio 5 utilizes MediaPackage and AWS SPEKE to integrate with DRM Key Management providers and encrypt HLS streams for enhanced stream security.

Transport via UDP

Utilizing AWS MediaConnect, Studio 5 delivers MPEG-TS streams via industry standard UDP protocols including SRT, RTP-FEC, and Zixi.


Performance Analytics

Studio 5 provides analytics across content performance and scheduling, advertising and distribution. Metrics are compiled utilizing Amazon Redshift and visualized by Amazon QuickSight


Providing monitoring for the entire content pipeline, Studio 5 gives real-time visibility into your channels business. Tracking everything from content ingestion to upcoming schedule gaps and down to any quality issues with your channel performance.