Frequency Elevates Linear Channel Streaming with the IBC2023 Launch of Studio 5

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September 6, 2023

Studio 5 represents a major new release, further extending the platform’s power and usability, while providing the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership

Los Angeles, – September 6, 2023 – Frequency today announcesthe launch of Studio 5, the next major release of its leading cloud-native,multi-tenant SaaS platform, which enables the creation, management,distribution and monetization of linear channels. With Studio 5, subscriberscan access enhanced capabilities and services, including new content ingestionautomation, scheduling automation, ultra-low latency live channel switching,advanced content filtering, and a comprehensive suite of tools for streamliningmanagement and scheduling of episodic programming.

The launch of Studio 5 further extends Frequency’s position as theleading linear streaming solution that enables many of the world’s preeminentbroadcasters, studios, networks, and digital-first content creators to delivercompelling 24/7 channels to connected TVs globally. Frequency is integratedwith the world’s leading Free Ad Supported TV (FAST), vMVPD and MVPD platforms.During IBC2023, the company will demonstrate the full capabilities of Studio 5on the stand of its strategic partner, AWS (#5.C80).

Blair Harrison, CEO, Frequency, said: “The market for compellinglinear channels is exploding across all platforms globally. At a time whencontent owners and rights-holders are increasingly recognizing the value andopportunity of this market, Frequency is giving them an enhanced suite of toolsto empower them to produce seamless and engaging viewing experiences with evergreater efficiency. We’re excited to show IBC 2023 visitors how the launch ofStudio 5 builds on our five-year journey of leading the way in providing themost feature-rich and easiest-to-use platform that is defining the future ofTV.”

The new and enhanced features of Studio 5 include:


·      Ingest Automation: A completely self-serve, real-time console for media ingestionvia a single dashboard brings unparalleled visibility and efficiency to contentingestion, processing, and management.

·      Scheduling Automation: An enhancement to Studio’s industry leading scheduling tool thatprovides fully automated programming, and makes the process of schedulingrepeated content significantly simpler and faster. Studio users can reduce timespent programming channels by up to 90%.

·      Content Filtering: An interactive and intelligent filtering service for contentdiscovery during programming, using any combination of contextual and technicalmetadata to quickly find the precise content to be scheduled.

·      Series Management: A complete suite of tools for series and episodes to streamlinemanagement and programming. Studio collates and validates all the assets andmetadata associated with any series, including season and episode-specificartwork. Studio also handles all metadata requirements for EPGs and custommetadata for all distribution platforms.

·      Live Switching: An ultra-low latency dynamic live switching capability forscheduled or on-demand live segments such as news or sports. Studio nowswitches to and between live sources in under a second.


About Frequency

Frequency operates a cloud-basedSaaS platform for the creation, management, distribution, and monetization oflinear channels. Frequency delivers channels to connected TVs globally, via theworld’s leading Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) vMVPD and MVPD platforms and isintegrated with all of the leading video distribution platforms, reaching over350M monthly viewers. Frequency is the leading pure play linear streamingsolution for OTT. With hundreds of content providers and distribution platformson its network, Frequency creates innovative solutions that are defining thefuture of TV. Frequency empowers media companies to create content experiencesthat inspire, educate, and entertain audiences all over the world. Visit

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