Designed around a simple desktop calendar interface, Studio 5's SCHEDULE tool is the most intuitive and powerful scheduling solution available.

Frequency Studio screenshot of the Schedule tool in Calendar view, showing the action of dragging and dropping a program from one time slot to another
Ease of Use

Featuring cut, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts, and drag and drop editing, SCHEDULE makes it quick and easy to program your channel.

A single programmer can schedule as many as 15 unique channels with Studio 5's time saving capabilities. 

Frequency Studio screenshot of the Schedule tool in Calendar view showing the Repeat Scheduling form and the results on the calendar

Eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks with advanced automation and schedule template functionality.

Generate programs automatically, replete with ad breaks based on business rules. Insert partial or entire weeks of programming from saved templates and remove programming gaps with a single click. 

Frequency Studio screenshot of the Preview Live Stream modal with metadata fields to the left and a preview video to the right
Live Events

SCHEDULE supports seamless insertion of live events into your channel feed. Schedule in advance with full EPG support or cut to live on the fly.

Studio 5 can also automatically schedule live events in your channel using a data feed of program times and streams.