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Bring clarity and efficiency to the ingestion process with a self-serve, real-time console.

Frequency Studio screenshot of the Ingest Dashboard with green status indicators showing no errors, and a grid of feed statuses

Streamline your ingestion workflows with an advanced console designed to provide real-time monitoring of your ingestion status.

Stay in control as you effortlessly track and manage the progress of your media uploads, ensuring a seamless and friction free content acquisition process.

Frequency Studio screenshot of the Ingest Feeds view, showing a list of feeds and their ingestion status

Gain greater visibility of your incoming content with clear monitoring, filtering, and management of your ingestion feeds' status. Enjoy a better user experience, tailored precisely to your preferences.

Frequency Studio screenshot of the Ingest Videos view, showing a list of videos and their ingestion status

Simplify the organization and filtering of your media assets while seamlessly monitoring the status and processing of video, audio, metadata, and transcoding.