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Unified Video Platform

Studio provides a unified suite of tools and services for all participants in the video ecosystem. Built from the ground up in the cloud, Studio brings internet dynamics and economics to video management and distribution.


Content & Metadata Management

Frequency Studio includes a complete content management system for content owners and rights holders. Underlying the platform are Frequency's metadata and intelligence engines that manage the complex relationships between content and viewers.

Our modern take on managing the video pipeline is based on workflows, letting you do everything in one place, seamlessly transitioning between functions and tasks.

Features include:

  • Manage multiple brands and sub-brands

  • Build dynamic playlists based on simple or rich queries, or manually curate content

  • View and manage relationships between traditional and digital programming


Linear Scheduling & Playout


Create a 24x7 linear channel – including scheduled and on-the-fly switching to live streams – with Frequency Studio's linear scheduling and playout system. We have created simple but powerful tools that power next-generation broadcast networks.

Select features include:

  • Modern calendar-based scheduling interface

  • Schedule weeks or months in advance

  • Switch-to-live stream capability

  • Redundant playout engines for broadcast level availability


Content Experiences

Video platform operators have access to visual layout tools to update your consumer experiences in real-time. Curate manually, or automate your workflow with dynamic playlists.

Features include:

  • Support for multiple editorial stages (e.g. draft, published)

  • Manage content and layout in one place

  • Publish updates instantly



Content providers can manage all distribution endpoints from one centralized location. Deliver your VOD content via an MRSS feed, or your 24x7 linear channel to any operator platform.

  • Native delivery to many of the world’s largest video platform operators

  • Support for additional custom distribution endpoints

  • Unified content, metadata and rights management tools ensure delivery of the correct assets to each endpoint



Frequency supports dynamic video advertising. We integrate with the advertising systems of our content providers and our video platform operators.

  • Monetize your video distribution through our integrations with leading MVPDs and distribution platforms

  • Integration with major ad serving platforms to provide your audience with the best possible video experiences

  • Tools to manage multiple different advertising models and splits for each distribution endpoint


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