The control center for your FAST channel business - real time alerts and notifications, monitor stream health and quality, and manage your channels’ distribution lifecycle.

A screenshot of the Connect tool dashboard with one issue alert

Studio 5's CONNECT tool provides Studio users real-time visibility on the status and health of every single channel with alerts and notifications in a centralized dashboard. Quickly identify and resolve gaps in your schedules or troubleshoot potential ingestion issues.

A screenshot of the monitor tab in the Connect tool showing a grid of videos

CONNECT provides teams with the ability to monitor playout of all channels in a single unified tool. Check active streams for quality or review each channel's stream history by inspecting video frames from the last several hours.

Distribution Matrix

With CONNECT you have full visibility into your entire distribution lifecycle. Review the distribution status of any channel to any distributor at any time. Plan for new distributions by consulting Frequency's entire network of certified distribution partners.

CONNECT for Distributors

We’ve created a transparent environment for distributors to discover and pursue new channels. CONNECT Distribution makes it easy to:

  • Quickly find newly launched channels
  • Search or filter by specific channel creator, genre, series and more
  • See each channel’s existing distribution
  • Browse channel marketing materials
  • Review channel metadata (art, title, description, programming type, time zone)
  • “Connect” with the channel creator in a single click
Screenshot of the dashboard in Connect for DistributorsScreenshot of the Channels pane in Connect for Distributors