Monetization: Beyond the Ad Pod

Frequency Studio provides capabilities to help content owners generate even more advertising revenue than what the standard ad pods provide.


July 31, 2023

Traditional advertising slots for FAST channels are between 8-10 minutes per hour of advertising. Our customers also monetize their channels by using in-stream advertising to run anywhere within their content. This is an opportunity to collect 100% of the revenue from these direct sale spots. 

These overlays are animated branded graphics are layered on top of the video and fit into a variety of creative formats:  

  • Sponsored opportunities
  • QR code 
  • Picture-in picture
  • L-bars 
  • Branded Now, Next, Later

The revenue opportunity can be the same or higher than for programmatic ads ($20+ CPM). Overlays can be sync to a time range and targeted specifically to contextual content. 

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