Frequency Has Launched Studio 5

Frequency Elevates Linear Channel Streaming Once Again

Studio 5, the leading cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS platform, enables the creation, management, distribution and monetization of linear channels. Access the enhanced capabilities and services of Studio 5, including new content ingestion automation, scheduling automation, ultra-low latency live channel switching, advanced content filtering, and a comprehensive suite of tools for streamlining management of episodic programming.

Ingest Automation

A completely self-serve, real time ingestion console for media ingestion in Studio 5 provides a single dashboard that brings an unsurpassed level of clarity and efficiency to the ingestion user experience.

A screenshot of Frequency Studio depicting the INGEST tool, displaying rows of feeds and their statuses

Ingest functionality in Studio 5 includes clearly defined error messages, real time status updates, optional end user push notifications, and the ability to create, update and resubmit feeds. Visibility of ingestion status is provided for all components including video, subtitle, artwork, metadata, and for processing including transcoding.

Scheduling Automation

A fully automated, intelligent service makes the process of scheduling repeated content significantly simpler and faster. Depending on the programming strategy and the diversity of content, Studio 5 can save over 90% of the time typically spent scheduling a channel.

Screenshot of the calendar view in Schedule with the repeat scheduling pane open

80% of content scheduled in linear channels is repeated in one form or another. Studio 5 offers capabilities to repeat content, which is particularly useful when applied to scheduling episodic sequence content and setting content placement with scheduling patterns.

Content Filtering

An interactive and intelligent filtering service in Studio 5 refines content selections during  programming using a combination of contextual and technical metadata to quickly find and select with incredible precision the precise content that viewers want to watch.

A graphic diagram of screens being filtered by check boxes

The ability to find content using sophisticated filtering and sorting, enables users  to quickly perform a range of key workflow activities that remove lengthy and manual processes.

Series Management

A series management function streamlines the creation of seasons and episodes. Studio 5 collates and validates all the assets and metadata associated with any series. Even artwork for EPG’s and custom metadata needed for certain distribution requirements are managed in a unified manner.

A screenshot of the series management pane in the Manage tool of Studio

Series metadata is critical for some channel operators who work with libraries containing episodic content. Series management in Studio 5 significantly lessens the time required to create seasons and episodes.

Live Switching

A dynamic live switching capability for scheduled or unscheduled live segments such as news or sports puts Studio 5 in an active mode to switch from a live source in less than a second.

Channels that include live segments in their programming expect fast switching from live sources. Studio 5 live switching is even applicable for channels having to contend with unscheduled segments such as breaking news.

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