us embassy

us embassy

TOP 5 US EMBASSY LOCATIONS (in Western Europe)

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TOP 5 US EMBASSY LOCATIONS (in Western Europe): US Embassy in Germany, US Embassy in France, US Embassy in Belgium, US Embassy in Switzerland, US Embassy in The Hague, US Embassy in the Netherlands, US Mission to the United Nations, US Mission to the European Union, Western Europe, European Commission, EU Parliament, Berlaymont Building, American Empire, Global Empire, US Foreign Policy, TTIP, NSA, HSBC, NATO, Most Important, Most Important, Top 5, Most Powerful, Ambassador Residence, Consulate General, Geopolitics, Transatlantic Relations, Vassal, Five Eyes, & the Global Economy. KING SILVER WOULD LIKE TO THANK & ACKNOWLEDGE: [MUSIC/SONG #1 (INTRO)]: - NAME OF SONG: 'Non Copyrighted Music #26: Redial- Anxiety' - LINK TO SONG: - UPLOADED BY: #1 Non-Copyrighted Music [MUSIC/SONG #2 (MAIN)]: - PURCHASED AT: "AUDIOMICRO - ROYALTY FREE MUSIC" - LINK: "" - COST FOR STANDARD LICENSE: "$49.95" - NAME OF ARTIST: "bloodredtape" - NAME OF SONG: "Sullen industrial trip hop instrumental for midnight superhero scene- AM" [MUSIC/SONG #3 (ENDING)]: - NAME OF SONG: 'RataxesUK - In This House' - LINK TO SONG: - UPLOADED BY: Non Copyright Library | Musica Sin Copyright [PICTURES/IMAGES (FLICKR.COM)]: - 'Creative Commons Only' - 'Commercial Use Allowed' - 'Modifications Allowed' [VIDEO CREATED & EDITIED BY]: - 'Windows Movie Maker' "Thank you all very, very much. Without you, none of this would be possible" -KING SILVER