two days

two days

GsQ Zeus "Quads & Quinns" Daytage - 100,000 Views!!! - Info Below.

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Song : I hit all these clips within two days! Only playing about 3-4 hours each day So they were all within 24 hours of each other , I was on fire! This is honestly usually how my "Random Clips" are made. A couple good nights of playing never thought of doing something like this until now.. Hope you guys enjoyed , Let me know what you think in the comment session. What's the most Quads/Quinns you hit in one day? I'm going to be dropping a "Best Clutch Compilation" Part 1 and 2 for 2,000 Subs soon! thank you guys so much! :D If we can hit 160 likes tonight I'll drop part 1 (: Really appreciate all the support! Any newcomers feel free to ask anything in the comments! I'm here to help. Connect with me FB : GsQ Zeus Twitter : Zeusyyyy Skype : Zeusyyyy Team Channel :