Battlefleet Engineer: Technical overview - Full stream from 7.2.2015

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I give an overview into the software architecture and implementation details of my game. All major features are covered and decisions explained. Use the links below to jump to particular topics. 00:15:20 Introduction to the game project (Size, scope, tools used etc.) 00:31:20 Design patterns (Object-oriented programming, inheritance instead of components etc.) 00:47:30 Game loop 01:03:10 Projects in the Visual Studio solution (partitioning, dependencies) 01:33:15 User Interface 01:45:15 SpaceObjects (Main entity hierarchy: Ship, Projectile etc. classes) 01:56:00 Resource system (electricity, rocket fuel etc. distribution in ships) 02:05:35 Ship modules 02:21:53 Weapons 02:33:45 Damage system 02:49:14 Ship movement system 03:17:00 Break, battle demo 03:31:45 Break ends, quickly fixing a bug 03:38:00 Command system 04:01:30 Fleet, ship and weapons AI 04:13:25 Serialization to XML & JSON / saving 04:33:35 Level object, performance optimizations 04:52:26 Graphics (Sprite system, dynamic lighting, deferred rendering, debugging with Nsight, XNA performance) 05:40:05 Ship & fleet statistics 05:54:55 Outro, closing thoughts