National Geographic's Young Explorer Grants

5mo ago


Xpedition.TV takes a look at National Geographic's Young Explorers and the magazine's effort "to find the next generation" of scientists, adventurers and storytellers. During interviews with Ric Gibbs in Telluride last May, Nat Geo's O'Shannon Burns lays out the Grants Program and introduces us to several alumni: polar explorers Eric & Sarah McNair-Landry, photographer Becca Skinner and biologist/photographer Anand Varma. Y.E. grants are an awesome opportunity, open to adventurers (ages18-25) who have a passion project they'd like to undertake. Besides... who couldn't use a leg up from one of the biggest, most respected publications in the world? Details: Xpedition.TV would like to thank: National Geographic, O'Shannon Burns & Sadie Quarrier for their help in this video. Also Young Explorers Becca Skinner, Eric & Sarah McNair-Landry, Anand Varma, and Shannon Switzer. Additional photos: James Balog, John Lloyd, Ric Gibbs Music: Dave Days "You've Been on My Mind" Mountain Film Festival, Telluride, and festival director David Holbrooke.