Up-cycling from Palestine to Cloughjordan

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Please support this project at: The "Cloughjordan to Palestine" is a local, community-based initiative that aims to raise awareness of the on-going impact of occupation on the Palestinian people, to carry out solidarity actions at a community level and to develop educational exchange programmes between communities in Palestine and our own community in North Tipperary. It is a grassroots initiative, and as such relies on the donations of individuals in our own community and elsewhere to support our projects and activities. Our “Palestine to Cloughjordan” project is a pilot project which will see Palestinian community activists, supported to come spend a period of time in the community and to exchange their experiences and skills, while also up-skilling in particular areas.. Costs raised will go directly towards travel, visa costs, food and accommodation, living costs and small contributions to activity costs while they are here. Our first candidate for the “Palestine to Cloughjordan” project, is Ala Hilo, a 33-year old from Bethlehem in the West Bank. Ala has spent the past few years trying to tackle Palestine’s waste problem through his own project RESIGN. RESIGN educates and transforms through waste – up-cycling seemingly useless materials into useful items and demonstrating the need for recycling in the West Bank. Ala would like to come to Cloughjordan to share his expertise in up-cycling, share his experiences of living in Palestine, and to learn about some of the unique initiatives taking place in the community which he hopes he can bring back home with him. This month-long placement will be his first opportunity to travel outside Palestine and Ireland has always been the place he most wanted to visit! Please support this project at :