myCMGR 'Linkedin Power Users' (feat. Daniel Alfon)

48m ago



Click 'Show more' for the content of this discussion with times and the social links for participants; you can click on the times to be taken to the parts of the Hangout that interest you. If you find this Hangout useful please share it! 0:00 Introduction: Ben, Jack, Tim & Daniel 3:36 What a Community Manager should be aware of on LinkedIn. Introduction: Steve. 7:40 How to get alerts for prospects. Identify people to reach out to via Saved Searches. 14:24 Finding groups with more engagement potential. Introduction: Valerie. 28:57 Email and notification management: how to take control of your inbox and notifications. 32:05 Identify key discussion across all your groups. Accessing new groups. 36:30 LinkedIn Groups: how many to be involved in. Probably less then you think. Increasing reach and yield using groups. 40:55 Exploiting connections; "black hat tricks?", possible dangers including blocked accounts. Inviting via group (Tim's Secret). 46:15 Direct message outside of your network (non-connections). Takes less than a minute for most active users. LinkedIn Personal Plus; an inexpensive Premium account. 49:28 How to see the full profile for 3rd degree connections. 53:00 Discover interesting opportunities to identify trigger events, references to your company/product/competitor and discover content via Signal. 1:03:55 LinkedIn SEO; profile URLs & searches. Impact of group membership and keywords on your search results and profile views. 1:16:50 Should You Accept All Invitations to Connect? Disconnecting. 1:21:50 Close: How to connect with Steve and Daniel Daniel Alfon G+: LinkedIn: Twitter: Steve Cassady G+: LinkedIn: Twitter: Powered by VisionsLive: If you enjoyed the Hangouts please share them.