light rail

light rail

Ottawa’s new light rail vehicle

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Transcript: [Music: Ambient music plays in background throughout video.] (Graphic on-screen: • Red OC Transpo logo appears onscreen while music plays) (We see the Ottawa cityscape appear as a light rail train passes by the Rideau Canal with the Parliament buildings in the background. Catenary wires can be seen as well as the tracks.) (Text on-screen: • Ottawa Citadis Spirit Light Rail Train) (We see a mosaic of Alstom Citadis vehicles elsewhere in the world.) (Text on-screen: • Alstom no 1 in rail transit • More than 1900 Citadis light rail trains in service) (The modular design of train is explained using animations and text on-screen.) (We see an animation of one light rail car measuring 30 metres.) (Text on-screen: • Modular design • 30 m) (We then see an animation of the train expand to 37 metres with the addition of a middle segment.) (Text on-screen: • Modular design • 37 m) (We then see an animation of the train that shows the 48 metre variation as a second segment of the train is added in the middle.) (Text on-screen: • Modular design • 59 m) (Text on-screen: Ottawa Citadis capacity; 300 passengers.) (We then see an animation of the train that shows the 59 metre variation that will be used in Ottawa as a third segment of the train is added in the middle.) (Text on-screen: Ottawa Citadis capacity; 370 passengers.) (Cut to a new animation of the exterior design of the train.) (Text on-screen: Exterior design) (The Ottawa Citadis Spirit is seen continuing along the Rideau Canal with the Department of National Defence building in the background. Catenary wires and tracks appear as with the previous cityscape shot.) (Cut to an animated interior perspective of the train. Blue patterned seats, yellow passenger safety rails, lighting and universally accessibility sections can be observed.) (Text on-screen: Interior design) (We then see passengers including a woman with a stroller, person in a wheelchair and other users entering train at uOttawa Eastbound platform beyond the passenger control gates.) (Text on-screen: • Easy accessibility for all • Improved passenger flow • Wide access doors) (Returning to the interior perspective we see passengers including one using a wheelchair entering the vehicle.) (Text on-screen: • Full low floor) (Camera angle moves lower showing a stroller and passengers in seats with room to spare. We see more views of interior and passengers.) (Text on-screen: • Enhanced passenger experience • Panoramic windows) (From an interior view inside the train we see an animation of the on board messaging.) (Text on-screen: The on board screen reads ‘Welcome on board.’) (Text on-screen: • Real time information display) (We see a video mosaic of Alstom Citadis vehicles in winter conditions in various cities.) (Text on-screen: Proven experience in cold weather conditions.) (The picture zooms in on Ottawa Citadis vehicle travelling east in winter conditions and snow through neighbourhood with traffic alongside.) (Text on-screen: • Designed for extreme weather conditions • Additional heating and air conditioning block • Double glazing on windows • Strengthened insulation • Operation and comfort guaranteed to -38 degrees) (Cut to the animated train continues along its alignment and through an open treed area. Visual animations show neighbourhood activity including joggers, dog walkers, and cyclists.) (Text on-screen: • Environmental preservation • 95 percent recyclable) (We then see an animation of the trains braking components.) (Text on-screen: • Recovery of braking energy • 15 percent energy savings) (We see a visual animation of the catenary system.) [Music: Transitions to cheery, upbeat acoustic guitar.] (We see a map of North America with flag of Canada in background.) (Text on-screen: • Canadian content 25 percent • 15 percent energy savings) (The perspective of the map zooms in to show Canada and names and logos of Canadian based suppliers.) (Graphic on-screen:...