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[anna.declan] poah this took ages to render...and to make just by the way xD because it's so long, could that be my longest video so far? It's just because it's Mumford and Sons and I can't cut their songs, not because I am not able to, but because I don't want to!! Every second of this song is love and it's right in the proper place where it belongs and I could never cut it. THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE. but it's a romantic comedy so you all know the end already because there's only one way these movies end. though I liked it because ...well it was nothing new BUT VERY SWEET! *-* Oh by the way just realize that for a moment: THERE'S A NON-SLASH PAIRING. ON.MY.PAGE. Do you know that bible part about the weird things and plagues happening just before the apocalypse? Me vidding a canon couple is one of those signs. BUT THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE, LOOK AT THEM ;) I mean I like both actors, the scenes and the movie sooo it seemed legit to even like them as a couple. And there was no male best friend with which to ship the man so...hmmpf. But it's still a very cute movie though with amazing scenery shots and it's funny and lovely...something I deemed worth vidding once in a while :)