july 2010

july 2010

Piano Songs - "Take Me Home, Country Roads"

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"Take Me Home, Country Roads" (or simply "Country Roads") is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver, and initially recorded by John Denver. It was included on his 1971 breakout album Poems, Prayers and Promises; the single went to #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, topped only by "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" by The Bee Gees. It became one of John Denver's most popular and world-wide beloved songs, and is still very popular around the world, considered to be John Denver's own signature song.[1] It also has a prominent status as an iconic symbol of West Virginia; for example, it was played at the funeral memorial for U.S. Senator Robert Byrd in July 2010. Eddy Arnold recorded it for his 1971 album, "Loving Her Was Easier" (RCA Victor, LSP-4625) Lynn Anderson recorded a cover for her 1971 album How Can I Unlove You. Loretta Lynn recorded it for her 1971 album You're Lookin' At Country. Skeeter Davis recorded it for her 1971 album Bring it on Home. Ray Charles cut a cover of the song for his 1972 album A Message from the People. In 1973, Eddy Arnold made a cover for Reader's Digest, Side 1 on Record #6, Take Me Home Country Roads, Country Roads. Olivia Newton-John recorded a cover version in 1973 that reached the top 10 in Japan and the #15 in the UK, but only bubbled under the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 119 in the United States. It is this recording which is eventually used as the opening song for Whisper of the Heart (1995) a Studio Ghibli anime that uses "Take Me Home, Country Roads" as a plot device featuring several renditions in Japanese including an end-title version performed by Yoko Honna. In 1974 Canadian country music singer Sally Dee recorded a cover version for her album "Just Say Hello" French singer Marie Laforêt recorded an adaptation in French as "Mon pays est ici" (1972) French singer Claude Francois recorded an adaptation of the song in French as "J'ai encore ma maison" (1973). In 1974, Lena Zavaroni recorded a cover of "Country Roads" for her album "Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)". In 1975, Aleksander Mežek recorded a cover of "Country Roads" in Slovenian language and named it "Siva pot". In 1975, Pavel Bobek, Czech country singer recorded cover "Veď mě dál, cesto má" which became huge hit and one of his signature songs. In 1975, Tapio Heinonen, Finnish singer, covered the song as "Vanha tie" (Old Road). It later became the signature song of Kari Tapio. Another French singer Dick Rivers recorded this song in French in 1976 as "Faire un pont". In 1979 Romanian singer Gil Dobrică recorded a version called "Hai acasă" ("Let's go home"). Ted Hawkins recorded "Country Roads" on his 1986 album "On The Boardwalk (The Venice Beach Tapes)" Israel Kamakawiwo'ole recorded a version for his 1993 album Facing Future in which West Makaha is substituted for West Virginia. Toots & the Maytals recorded a reggae version in which the lyrics are altered to describe Jamaica: "Almost heaven, West Jamaica," for instance, replaces Denver's "West Virginia." This version was itself covered in Almost Heaven,[11] a 2005 German film directed by Ed Herzog. In the story, Helen Shuster is a German girl with a terminal illness who dreams to be a country singer Nashville style and winds up in Jamaica. The song is sung by Heike Makatsch, who plays Helen.[12] Hermes House Band recorded a cover and performed on Top of the Pops when the single was released in 2001. The German children's band Die Lollipops did a cover to it called Dankeschön. Multi-platinum selling artist and Grammy Award-winner Carrie Underwood performed the song during her massive Play On Tour in 2010. Underwood performed the song in the bed of a pick-up truck over the audience. In 1994, this song was covered on a Disney's Sing-Along Songs video and DVD: "Campout at Walt Disney World". Greg Page from The Wiggles covered the song for his 2002 album "I Believe in Music". Country music artist Daryle Singletary covered the song for his 2009 album "Rockin' in...