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indie pop

Indie Pop Compilation April 2015

7h ago



Hello Indie Lovers :P A couple of days ago we got to 20k subscribers so thank you, thank you. Support Fancy Melancholic ● Subscribe ●Follow me on tumblr: :) ●My twitta. ●Facebook: ●Soundcloud: Tracklist: Lisbon - I Don't Know 00:00 Kid Astray - It's Alright 03:22 Disaster In The Universe - Beach House 07:00 CRUISR - Wild Babe 09:38 Pow Pow - Alpha Waves 13:28 Kid Cadaver - New Friends 17:01 Air Bag One - 1992 20:27 Giantree - Cosmic Highways 23:58 Cape Lion -Mainland 27:50 I'll add the bands information later, i'm at my Uni atm