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health for all UNITE the TRIBES

2mo ago

Description hello divine angels. welcome to we are a mother bear protecting our baby cubs. baby cubs being each living breathing woman & man: big & small. we are rising to the call of our village to create freedom through abundant health for all. the time is now to join tribes. if you are apart of an aware or conscious group with goals focused around clean free air water & organic food please hear this call to unite. the movement helps gives families a choice. simple transitions to putting living probiotic enzyme & bacteria rich foods to get our guts functioning so we can have an optimal existence of expansion. we want clean water: fluoride & chemical free. clean organic living food growing freely everywhere & clean air free from geo engineering. amoung some other house keeping items we need to address together. so we have a fun list of goals. we need to start collaborating on mass & having monthly village meetings. lets start with an explosion of love on the first saturday in january being the 3rd 2015 from 2pm onwards. continuing on the first saturday of each month @ the familyspace located at 6/20 stevens st nerang. all organic vegan food provided freely or by conTRIBEution if you would like to bring a share plate all welcome. the major village goal we are planning out is inspired by the & the doco edible city. so we want the gold coast to be filled with edible villages. and we are starting in nerang one street at a time. so if you would love to be the change or you are already being the change in whatever field let us unite our hands and create abundance for all. please bring ideas. plans with job lists. that will benefit the whole village and lets enjoy this process as now is the time for heaven. thank you we love you