adidas miCoach SMART BALL Shooter Test

3d ago



No popping. No puncturing. No worries. Kicked the SMART BALL into a steel wall from 3 meters distance 3,500 times testing durability. Damage: none. Possibly to the wall. The shooter test is completed on two balls every week. Not only to guarantee every SMART BALL meets FIFA standards for high-quality footballs, but also to ensure the technology holds up at all times. Keep kicking. It can handle it. • Drum test – Abrasion testing: • Absorption test – Water and air leakage testing: COMING SOON The adidas SMART BALL is a high-tech football letting you master dead-ball kicks by providing easy-to-follow coaching guidance and quick feedback on strike point, speed, spin, bend and flight path through the SMART BALL app. Compare your kick with the pros. Challenge your friends. Boost your game. Connect with adidas miCoach: • adidas miCoach Facebook: • adidas miCoach Twitter: ----- adidas miCoach is an interactive training platform for anyone who wants to train smart and get better. We provide you with real-time coaching, training plans and all the tools you need to track performance, monitor your progress and get the results you want. Do you have questions about the miCoach products or service? Then visit our dedicated online support site: You'll find Guides & Tutorials with our latest how-to videos, a Discussions section where you can ask questions and join training conversations, or our Support Updates Blog with the latest product news. You can also visit our contact page to email or call our dedicated support team.