how to make a facebook picture clickable to a outside website

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getresponse for contact manager http://bit.ly/haQtdp they have full telephone support to help you how to make a facebook picture clickable to a outside website HOW TO MAKE CLICKABLE FACEBOOK IMAGES DIRECT TO AN OUTSIDE URL A lot of people have asked me how to make clickable Facebook images. Most likely you are already posting images that are clickable and you probably didn't even know you were, right here on Facebook for free. What exactly do I mean by clickable Facebook images? Here's an example, I have this post written and I want to post the link on Facebook with an image, but I want the option that when someone clicks on that image they get redirected to this post. You can use free images, or use a Facebook image search to find the images you want to use. Or search Google for Facebook clip art, or Facebook graphics and use something relevant to your message. Simple! Watch my video below and I will show you how to create it. You can do this on your Facebook Fan Page and your personal Facebook profile. If you are interested in sending a clickable Facebook images in a private message or just posting it in a group, you can do that as well. “Facebook links” “Facebook fanpage” “facebook tutorial” “FB image” “clickable Facebook image” “clickable Facebook images” “clickable Facebook photo” “clickable Facebook photos” “Facebook fan page url” “fb image redirect link,”