EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion - in North America Concert Review

1h ago



Thank you all who attended EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion - in North America! :) Our concert review of the tour is finally ready for your viewing pleasure~! If you want to see EXO perform in a city near you, go to the following link and “make!” EXO go to your city!!! http://mmt.fans/U96 Remember! You have to "MAKE" EXO’s concert on MyMusicTaste to make it happen! Click on the following link http://mmt.fans/U96 and MAKE EXO come to YOUR city! STOP WISHING, START MAKING! MyMusicTaste is a fan initiated concert making platform. Before MyMusicTaste, fans had no say in where artists hosted their concerts and often traveled hundreds of miles, either out of state or sometimes to a different country, to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. MyMusicTaste is trying to shape a new paradigm for how concerts are organized. Through MyMusicTaste, fans become the promoters and have a voice in where artists should go. Make artists come to your city via MyMusicTaste! Step 1) Visit our website https://mymusictaste.com Step 2) Tell us about your music taste! Select your favorite artist! Step 3) Select the city and country where you want to “Make!” the concert. Step 4) Insert the amount you are willing to pay for the concert ticket and click “Make!” Step 5) Congratulations! You are now a TasteMaker! Step 6) If more fans want it, the concert will become a reality. Invite your friends and make your dream come true! Subscribe to the MyMusicTaste channel for more announcements! http://bit.ly/MyMusicTasteYouTube Don’t miss out on any of our exciting announcements! Follow us on our channels! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mmtglobal Twitter: https://twitter.com/_mymusictaste Instagram: https://instagram.com/_mymusictaste