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MYTHICA: Melanie Stone's favorite EPIC scene - only on CONtv

6h ago



Melanie Stone tells all about Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, which comes exclusively to CONtv on March 31st. Celebrated by fantasy genre fans as a project conceived and created by the fanspace, it seemed only natural that the trilogy will premiere exclusively for free on CONtv, the first digital entertainment network devoted to fanboy and fangirl content! Mythica Kickstarter: http://on.contv.com/MythicaKickstarter1 FOLLOW CONtv: Website: http://contv.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/contvchannel Twitter: http://twitter.com/contvchannel Instagram: http://instagram.com/contvchannel/ Tumblr: http://comicconvos.tumblr.com FOLLOW Melanie: Twitter: http://twitter.com/Melanie__Stone Instagram: http://instagram.com/Melanie__Stone