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cenk uygur

Old School Ep. 17: Ronald Reagan, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Howard Stern & Grammar

2d ago



Cenk and Ben hosting at YouTube Space LA.The guys talk about the song God Bless America ,Woody Guthrie and folk singers. Ben reads a quote from Ronald Reagan. Cenk thinks Jeb Bush will not be the frontrunner, but instead thinks Rand Paul will be. Ben thinks it could be Scott Walker or Jeb. Ben reads a quote from Willie Nelson and Cenk loves it. Cenk analyzes the song “To All The Girls I Love” and thinks George Michael has a underrated voice. Ben talks about the movie The Imitation Game and recommends Locke to Cenk along with other movies by Tom Hardy. Ben tells a story from Howard Stern about Bradley Cooper and Tom Hardy about acting on television. The guys dive deep into Guy Ritchie movies. Ben reports on a on a wall in Saudi Arabia and the guys talks about the effect of walls in history. Cenk thinks there could be an escort ring at the gym he works out at. Ben thinks that Cenk’s observations could be flawed. Ben finds out that it is not sexy for women eating a certain candy bar on the TV show “The Americans” and is also not a big fan of napkins. Cenk wants to give au ju to everyone. Ben talks about his appreciation for Dr. Pepper. Cenk tells a story about pasta involving Bro Tip and the guys discuss leftover disasters. Cenk admires Ben office that is separated from his house. The guys talk about a company email from Steve O about grammar.