Ball Mastery - Part 1 | Skills Tutorial

3h ago



This video will show you how to do the following Ball Mastery skills: 1. Toe Taps 2. Shuffles 3. Shuffle Stop 4. Take Stop What is Ball Mastery? Ball Mastery is the demonstrated ability to manipulate the ball comfortably using the various contact surfaces of both your left and right foot such as: • Sole of the foot • Inside of the foot • Outside of the foot • Instep of the foot • Heel of the foot • Toe of the foot Players who are comfortable, confident and creative with the ball are the players who possess a complete mastery of the ball. It is never too late to teach Ball Mastery and players really enjoy the work. An added benefit to Ball Mastery is that you can practice it on your own in a very small space with a small ball. Ball Mastery makes great football homework between training. Don't forget to like and share this video if you enjoyed it, and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more tutorial videos coming soon! Follow me on Twitter: @AidenHorrocks