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OTT Distribution Simplified

who we are


We are a collection of creatives, dreamers, experience crafters and fine tuners coming from every corner of the globe to find the best digital first content and deliver it to the world.


Frequency facts


Meet the family


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Blair Harrison

Founder and CEO

Matt Truebe

SVP, Product Development & Operations

    Jon Cohen

    SVP, Business Development

    John Wells

    SVP, Programming


    Jim BillMeyer

    Head of Engineering

        Jo Cherniss

        Finance Controller

          Dana Moskowitz

          Legal Counsel

            Maiyra Bonilla

            Office Manager/Executive Assistant


              Frank Chiu

              Technical Product Manager

                Anna Burgess

                Director Advertising Operations

                  Clement Perez

                  Front-End Engineer

                    Eric Bartos

                    Quality Assurance & Release Manager


                      Damian Krawczyk

                      Web Developer

                      Gerrit Velthoen

                      Creative Design Manager

                      Anne Thompson


                        Michał Sekuła

                        Senior Software Engineer


                          Roxy Ferenz

                          Lead Content Specialist

                          Jason CAstle

                          Solutions Analyst

                          Ilse Atkinson

                          Content Operations & Programming Intern


                          Morgan Chen

                          Content Operations & Programming Intern


                          Jong Park

                          Senior Software Engineer

                          Pramod Bhandari

                          Big Data Engineer, Intelligence

                            Debjit Gosh

                            Data Scientist + Software Engineer

                            Manas Jog

                            Software Engineer



                            Ayo Fafore

                            Software Engineer

                            Tyler Pacheco

                            Software Engineer

                            Ronak Patel

                            Software Engineer


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                              Dogs of Frequency

                              Everyone at Frequency is family, including the doggos. Work gets overwhelming and busy but it's really hard to feel stressed out when Maggie is whining at your feet for you to scratch behind her ears.


                              Maggie May 

                              Head Pupper in Charge, CoPilot


                              Tail Wagging Aficionado


                              Slobber Production Manager




                              Dog Adventurer


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