Viktor McPupster

Dog Adventurer

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The first thing that people usually notice about me are my eyes, everyone says so, so it must be true.  I love people, especially those wearing black as they are usually good for giving me belly rubs! I also love to travel. No, really. The car is my friend, and I love going on long car rides. I also like hikes or very long walks. So much to see and smell. I've seen snow, desert, wine country, hill country, mountains, and the beach. I can climb trees, rock walls, but my most important skill is being able to chase tennis balls, squirrels and barn cats.

You could always bribe me with pig ears, they are the best.


Fun Fact #1

I used to be called tyson


Fun Fact #2

My right eye is heterochromatic, half brown/blue



Fun Fact #3

I'm a Husky, Akita, French Bulldog mix

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