Roxy Ferenz

Lead Content Specialist


      Originally hailing from Arizona, the land of dirt and cacti, I moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and joined the Frequency team soon after. It is my mission to ensure our content is seamlessly delivered, and meet the needs of both the creators and content distributors. I am constantly working with every team to advance the content all the way through the entire process of sales, design, engineering, QA, ad operation, programming,  and final delivery to cable and content providers. Yes, I coordinate on a lot of things, and with a ton of people!  I thrive on communication with various individuals from all kinds of different departments and backgrounds, and enjoy the hustle.

I like to keep both my body and mind active so you will find me listening to a plethora of audiobooks and podcasts when stuck in traffic, or bouldering (rock climbing) at a gym. I really enjoy expressing my creativity through crafts, decor, and creating cosplay and costumes. Joann's Fabric & Craft store is my happy place. Along with Disneyland. I also enjoy video games, media binges, traveling the world, and a tub of ice cream when life deems it necessary.

My mother always told me “Do something that scares you every day,” and I aim to live by those words by striving to push past my fears and limitations.


Fun Fact #1

I grew up, on, and in all kinds of ATV's and boats


Fun Fact #2

I've had the chicken pox 3 times


Fun Fact #3

I can touch my nose with my tongue