Quick Guide




Preparing your content with ad breaks and promos is quick and easy using PROGRAM within Frequency Studio.

Screenshot of Linear Program modal with video program timelines
Screenshot of menu sidebar with Manage highlighted

To create programs, open MANAGE, which can be accessed from the left navigation bar within Studio.

Creating a Program

Find the video you wish to prepare for air and then click on the asset title to bring up the Video Details page. Select the Linear tab and then click the Create New Linear Program button. This will bring up the PROGRAM tool.

Screenshot of create linear program button

Edit Linear Program

To edit the program title, description, or duration click the pencil icon in the top right corner.

Screenshot of edit linear program form modal

Inserting Ad Breaks

Insert ad breaks or promos to your program by clicking on the Plus button that is to the left of the timeline.

Screenshot of add segment button dropdown with different video types

Magic Wand

When you are done, click the ​Magic Wand​ to perfectly re-time your ad pods to the program length. Then save the program as ​Ready For Air and you are now ready to schedule.

Screenshot of close up on magic wand button