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Content Management

Everything you need to manage for your content is done in Frequency Studio’s MANAGE. Easily upload assets, review content for quality, verify captions and thumbnails, edit metadata, and run ad detection utilities all within a familiar interface.

Screenshot of Manage tool with grid of programs.
Screenshot of menu sidebar with Manage highlighted

You can access the tool from the left navigation bar within Studio.

Uploading Videos​

To upload a single video, first select a Brand by clicking on the Brand on the left side of the main screen, then click on the ​Upload Video​ button in the top right.

Videos and metadata can be ingested in bulk through MRSS, SFTP, or Amazon S3 delivery.

Screenshot of search/add brand field
Screenshot of Manage tool with Add Video button

Select Rights Profile

For most users, this will be your account name.

Upload the Video

You can upload a video file from your desktop (drag & drop or select from desktop) or enter a video URL that leads directly to the video file. Do not close this tab until it is finished.  

Screenshot of video upload modal

Upload a Thumbnail

It will default to your Brand logo if no thumbnail is provided, but you can select ​cancel​​, and upload your own. Select Next.

Screenshot of Upload modal form with thumbnail upload

Enter Metadata

In addition to title and description you can also set genre, rating, content format, and version. By default it will use the file names for title and description, and pass through Brand metadata as default values. Once you are finished, the video will begin transcoding.

Screenshot of Upload add metadata form

Editing Metadata

For each video, you can view the Video Details page by clicking on the View Details selection. Select Edit Details to change the metadata.

Screenshot of Program Details modal

You are now ready to create Programs.