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Reporting and Insights

Once you have launched your channel, the next step is monitoring your channel’s performance in ANALYZE.

Screenshot of the Content tab in Frequency Studio's Analyze tool, featuring several bar graphs of viewer data
Screenshot of open sidebar menu with Analyze tool highlighted

Access ANALYZE from the left navigation bar within Studio.

Screenshot of dropdown arrow in top right corner of Analyze tool dashboard
Screenshot of three dots that appear on hover over Analyze dashboard

You can easily define a date range for any of the reports by setting dates at the top of the page. Download the raw data from any of the dashboard views by first selecting the chart you wish to download and then clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner that appear.

 Screenshot of tabs at the top of the Analyze tool: Content, Advertising, and Distribution

Channel performance  is provided for three major areas: Content, Advertising, and Distribution. You can navigate between sections by selecting them from the top right of the tool.


Content performance is tracked as an estimation of Minutes Watched. Frequency Studio can provide a calculation of this performance for any channel and distributor that we provide CDN services. You can view your content performance in aggregate, by specific videos, or by schedule.

Screenshot of minutes-watched pie chart under content tab in Analyze tool


For channels that Frequency provides SSAI services, you can view the performance of your ad insertion under the Advertising tab. Here you will be able to see your ad impressions served, fill and error rates, as well as the advertising watch time.

Screenshot of ad pods bar graph under Advertising tab in Analyze tool


The distribution view provides visibility into your channel’s performance aggregated by each distributor. You can also view each channel’s bandwidth usage by distributor.

Screenshot of minutes-watched bar graph under Distribution tab in Analyze tool