Morgan Chen

Content operations & Programming intern


      Hey, it’s Morgan. I’m a journalism student at USC, with a minor in Digital Studies. I am interested in conversations about minority representation, gender and social justice. I went into college thinking I’d spend the rest of my life in legacy newsrooms writing for daily print newspapers, but once I learned more about how to tell stories with digital media, I realized that I wasn’t only interested in writing anymore—I want to work with interactive storytelling and digital video. 

       Aside from keeping busy with school and this internship, I really like doing makeup! I’m best at avant-garde looks and body paint, but I also do freelance event makeup and special effects/gore for film on weekends, whenever I can. It would be my dream to work for Weta Workshop or on a Star Wars or Harry Potter film. Also, Halloween is the best holiday ever, if you disagree… I don’t want to hear it!


Fun Fact #1

My hair has been every color of the rainbow

Fun Fact #2

I taught myself to Code when I was 9 so i could make a Miley Cyrus hate site

Fun Fact #3

I can fall asleep anywhere