Traditional and Digital Metadata Together at Last

Frequency's industry standard metadata specification and content engine provide universal interoperability between traditional and digital metadata, ensuring seamless integration into your existing video platform.


Metadata Management & enrichment

Digital video has notoriously poor metadata and is often unsuitable for delivery to premium video platforms. Frequency solves this by providing both automated and manual metadata mapping and enhancement services, and by enforcing strict quality control processes. We enforce compliance with our industrial-grade metadata specification during content ingestion.

Frequency becomes your centralized system of record for all your content and metadata.

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Frequency brings all metadata sources together into a single unified Metadata Graph.

The graph includes global datasets of movies and TV shows, TV listings data in multiple countries and platforms, and over 150 traditional and digital video networks. It contains over 2 million unique items, from over 200 sources, and over 1 billion unique relationships.

Content intelligence

Frequency’s discovery services, accessible to using APIs and SDKs available for all platforms, let developers create new and engaging content experiences for consumers, including:

  • Short form digital content related to any movie or TV show (trailers, celebrity videos, interviews, etc.)

  • Personalized channels for each user showing the latest videos from their favorite channels and interests

  • Recommendations based on intuitive real world relationships (e.g. movies that include my favorite actors)

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