Matt truebe

SVP Product Development & operations 


       I'm Matt and I do a little bit of everything at Frequency. I always tend to move myself closest to the problem at hand to help keep things moving along whether its flying to Amsterdam to fix engineering problems, in an all day business session to figure out contract pricing, or taking out the trash when its overflowing. I grew up in California, went to school in San Diego, moved to LA for work then lived in Austria for a year... I survived one Austrian winter and right before the next one had to get the hell out to move back to Cali. Going Back to Cali. 

        Back to Cali is a great rap song. I like all music and will do almost anything once and want to travel everywhere. I have a little bit of YOLO in me... whether its scuba diving, rock climbing, camping, netflix n chill, edm festivals, code hackathons, glacier walking, dying my hair blue, going to a rodeo, traveling in a hot air balloon, or whatever else comes to mind... chance are that I've done it or that it is on my list to do. 


Fun Fact #1

Had blue hair as a teenager

Fun Fact #2

hold fullerton's record for most goals in a soccer season

Fun Fact #3

always have a personal coding project

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