Manas Jog

Software Engineer


       I’m one of the many behind-the-scenes engineers that helped create the awesome platform which allows us to serve the custom-tailored content to you in a way that makes you go “Damn, wow!”. While you’re drooling over the elegance of the JSON objects that come out of our APIs, I’ll usually be found hacking away (not in a way they show in movies) at more and more web services that have been designed efficiently and with keeping almost everything in mind.

       You may also find that I really enjoy reading/learning/building things related to Artificial Intelligence. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely wanna work towards Elon Musk’s dream of AI Apocalypse. It’s really incredible to see the efficiency that can be achieved when something has no soul.

        Before you try to guess my background by thinking about where possibly this guy could be from who codes in Java and builds API and calls himself a Software Engineer, let me tell you that I’m from India. And no, I don’t have an accent that you might be imagining right now because I’m from Delhi. I also lived in the world’s most popular transit stop called Dubai for few years. And again no, the place is more modern than you think.

       In my spare time, I’m usually watching/discussing cricket, playing video games or binge watching some show to justify my subscription costs. I love to hike in places with plenty of rain and greenery which I do almost every long weekend!


Fun Fact #1

I can listen music in more languages than most people here

Fun Fact #2

I eat chicken more than most people

Fun Fact #3

I've lived in more countries than most people here