Maiyra Bonilla

Office Manager / Executive Assistant


Good Morning, afternoon or evening! My name is Maiyra and I am basically the mom of the office, which is fitting because I have two young boys of my own. I am responsible for keeping the kitchen and our supply closets stocked with any and everything in addition to managing Blair's schedule and travel plans for our executives. I am Blair's gate keeper, so anytime you're trying to get in contact with him, you're really just getting in contact with me. When I'm not making sure all the light bulbs are working, or scheduling Blair's next meeting, I'm spending time with my family and friends. Having two young boys means I'm constantly on the go. We spend our weekends hiking along the coast, relaxing on the beach, or pretty much any other outside activity. Since they were toddlers they've been interested in science and technology so coming to work with me means they get to see what opportunities there could be in that field. Right now its mainly legos but they're big dreamers. If you ever come in to the office, I'll be excited to welcome you to our space. But don't touch the thermostat or leave your dirty dishes in the sink.


Fun Fact #1

I never learned to swim

Fun Fact #2

My name is misspelled on my birth Certificate

Fun Fact #3

I want to be a personal trainer

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