Maggie Mae

Head Pupper in Charge, Co-Pilot


       I’m Maggie Mae, and Jim is my human. I was named after the Rod Stewart song and I’m pretty okay with that. They say I’m a Border Collie mix, but I don’t know what that means. I just do what comes natural. If i don’t know you, be nice and approach slowly, otherwise I’ll bark a lot. Stranger danger, right?

       I live in the city and the country. I like the country better because there are squirrels, ducks and rabbits to chase. The city is ok too because I get to go to work with Jim. He and I both know I have the more important job. I go around and make sure everyone is doing well and work to make them happier. I like everyone at work, but I have my favorites. They know who they are.

       Sometimes we sit too long and I have to remind Jim that it is time to go and play. The days that kids come to the office are my favorite. I get extra play time and we run and jump; it makes me happy. Jim’s fun, but kids are great, they’re more like me.

       My life is pretty good… except when we have to fly. Jim’s planes are noisy and sometimes it gets bumpy, not so fun for a little lady like me. Jim comforts me and that makes it better unless the bumps are big. Even though Jim knows I like it more when we drive, he always wants to fly. He says its faster. As far as I’m concerned, it could take forever as long as we are together.

       Want to know what else I don’t like? Being home alone. I get scared, anxious, mad, and bored…in that order. Jim tried to leave me home alone one time, but he learned quickly that was not going to fly (pun intended). He acted mad. I acted sorry. It worked in my favor because now he takes me everywhere. And that’s the way it should be because after all, I’m a working girl!


Fun Fact #1

I fly in planes more than most humans


Fun Fact #2

I'm the head pupper 


Fun Fact #3

I may be small but I Don't care