Jim Billmeyer

Head of Engineering


    Hello my name is Jim. I’m Maggie Mae’s best friend, the little Border Collie mix. The best dog ever!

       As a kid, I read about the old American west and the mountain men that went searching for new sights and adventure. My imagination took me to all the places I read about. I could crest a ridge, see the valley below, and the snow capped peaks beyond… Most folks grow older and forget the power of imagination. I didn’t take that path. I still follow the incense of my imagination without the jaded skepticism of age.

       From a young age mom and dad tried to instill a work ethic with yard chores. I hated working, still do, so I don’t. I have fun doing what I would be doing anyway and people happen to pay me for it. Just another adventure. I get to dream and build stuff. As a kid I dreamed of building flying machines. I could feel the wind on my face, even though the fruit crate airplane never took flight. Now as a bigger kid, we build our dreams and see them take flight. My greatest professional joy is to build great stuff and when finished, take pause and look back at my colleagues and see the sense of accomplishment on their faces. Each knowing we made something. We built this. I live for that!

       Over my career, I’ve found myself to be the lead on most projects. Big and small. With and without titles. And not because I feel the compulsion to be "The Man". But because I feel the passion, see the dream, and have a dogged stubbornness that slowly pulls me to the front, not unlike the incoming tide, a slow and steady force. I live by “Think hard, choose carefully, find your mistakes first and never quit.” Over time there are no pretenders. Either do it or get left behind!

       I’ve worked in aerospace, warehouse automation, avionics and the entertainment industry. At each stop I have always been given the jobs that cannot fail. At Frequency, that has been no different, whether by design or circumstances. Making a difference. And at Frequency we are not working on some veiled technology. I get to build things where you can pick up the remote, point to the television screen, and say to others “We built that”. As a computer scientist, that’s not something you can do in many industries. At Frequency, we can.

       Over the years I have stood multiple times at life’s edge. I guess that comes with my adventures. Some folks report life’s flashes or fear, but for me there was always the thought “was it worth it?” Not the events that led to the moment, but life. Did I make a difference? In these moments time moves slowly. In the next moment my mind jumps to all that I have left to try, or do, but what kept me fighting was who I wanted to return to. The power of love!

       At the end of the day I go home. Maggie and I get in our plane fly to my mountains. Home is where I’m a kid again. With tomorrow’s adventure, will I climb a peak, go fishing or mine for gold? I don't know, but that’s for tomorrow. Something I don’t need to plan or design.

“Come on Maggie. Lets go home”.


Fun Fact #1

I climbed mt Whitney only because I had to

Fun Fact #2

I lived in the Netherlands and still cannot speak good Dutch

Fun Fact #3

I build and pilot airplanes and still cannot justify it