Jason CAstle

Solutions analyst


       I've worked at Frequency since 2010, and I enjoy the opportunity to have my impact on the digital media landscape.  I've gotten to wear many hats and work towards a diverse set of solutions from end to end on our products along the way.  I try to do whatever I can to ensure whatever needs to get done, gets done.  

        What is more interesting than things about me, are things I think about.  If you find any of these topics interesting, feel free to email me at jason@frequency.com if you want to discuss them with me:

  • Media effects theories - they seem in sore need of review and updating. Largely an understudied field nowadays that can rarely get past sensational headlines.
  • How the availability of words and concepts give us a lens to build a framework the world we can make sense of.
  • How to present and surface stories based on explicit filters - i.e. solely on human impact over time.
  • The limits of our biology for us to act as rationally as we would like to.  How shortcuts our brain takes have aided us for hundreds of thousands of years and how to adapt those.
  • Applying the concept of elastic computing to other problems, businesses and services.
  • Varying levels and emerging new types of interactivity in media- one of the key ways it has shifted in recent years. 
  • How to perceive truth in an age filled with too many facts.
  • Constructing a media environment that responsibly and ethically factors in "man's almost infinite appetite for distractions" (Huxley 1958).

Fun Fact #1

I will eat anything

Fun Fact #2

I will be the first in line to digitize my brain

Fun Fact #3

I think the 90's are overrated