Frequency CONNECT

The Control Center for Your FAST Channel Business

Managing a FAST channel business requires maximum visibility of all aspects of your channels’ performance, distribution life cycle, quality, and integrity.

While Frequency's ANALYZE tool provides you with performance data, CONNECT provides the visibility and the tools you need to ensure the quality of your channels across your entire distribution footprint.

Powerful Real-Time Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you a live overview of all your channels’ performance. See real time alerts and notifications across key areas for your channel operations: Playout, Scheduling, and Ingestion. Quickly see any active or historical issues with distributed channels, identify upcoming or active gaps in your schedule, and resolve them on the spot.

Missing assets? The Dashboard provides you visibility into your content ingestion workflow. Whether you deliver content through MRSS, Amazon S3, or any of the other myriad ingestion mechanisms Frequency supports, the CONNECT Dashboard helps you identify and fix issues with your assets.

Active Monitoring

The Monitor view provides your team with the ability to monitor playout of all channels in a single unified tool.

Review the live output for any channel. See each channel's stream history by looking at video frames from the last several hours to identify when and if problems occurred on your channel.

Distribution Lifecycle

The Streams view provides full visibility into your entire channel distribution lifecycle. Use the Distribution Matrix to see at a glance the onboarding lifecycle of any channel going to any distributor, along with a full history of all changes as they happened - from initial planning through submission to when they’re live.

The Distribution view lets you review all your current distributors, and explore all other Frequency integrated distribution partners for additional distribution opportunities for your channels.