Gerrit Velthoen

Creative Design manager


Alles kits achter de rits? I’m Gerrit and I’m one half of Frequency’s esteemed design team. Some might say the better half, but then again, that’s just my mom’s opinion. Between drinking large amounts of coffee and games of Call of Duty, I oversee the UX and UI design of all Frequency products - from our internal CMS tools to the consumer facing applications we build for our business clients. When I’m not sweating over pixels or user flows, I enjoy mountain biking in the Santa Monica Mountains, yelling...I mean cheering on my kids from the sidelines of their various sporting activities, and going to concerts with my wife.


Fun Fact #1

My last name means "field hen" in dutch

Fun Fact #2

I've won an emmy award and it hasn't done shit for my career

Fun Fact #3

I love learning new words