Debjit Gosh

Data Scientist


       There are only a few things in this world that interest me: music, artificial intelligence, philosophy, psychology, and dogs. I might not know who the presidents of most countries are or who won the latest Oscar award. But I do know what rhythmic syncopation is, how Bach moved through key signatures in his most profound musical creations, what unsupervised machine learning is (pretty much what stereo typing is for a layman and yes, I do believe that stereotypes are a helpful abstraction) and that deep learning is fundamentally feedforward multilayer perceptrons (modelled after neurons that are found in the brain!).

       Artificial Intelligence has fascinated me since the time I was a kid and watched the movie Terminator. I have built autonomous quadrotors as well as, pick and place robots. I have started my own robotics company on the side. I studied robotics in USC (I’m a Trojan, but no, I do not care about football. Although, I do love playing tennis.) I have done research in medical simulation and ML for over 6 years at CHLA and that work is hopefully going to be published in the PCCM soon. I have built a simulation of neonatal echocardiography for neonates. Lots of nerdy stuff there!

       I play guitars for an LA based progressive metal band, The Conduit (not everyone’s cup of tea). It’s technically driven music with additive rhythms. I have 7 guitars…. fun fact? Music I like tend to be out of the scope of popularity. I love Chopin, but I also love Slipknot. Opeth’s my favorite band. Too many more to list out here. I love western classical, melodic death metal, metalcore, grunge, gothic metal (there are all very distinguishable!) – you get the picture.

       I have had many dogs throughout my life and golden retrievers make the best family dogs! Family dogs don’t need to guard homes, of course. 

       Anyway, I am the lead data scientist here at Frequency which is growing into being a data driven company from the point of view that videos that are selected to be shown to an end user are not always hand picked but we allow for usage patterns to decide who to show which video based on what we predict they’d like. I have built the latest recommendation engine and am working on popular and trending videos which is going to be awesome!


Fun Fact #1

I have 7 Guitars

Fun Fact #2

I won 2nd place in a national handwriting competition When i was 8 years old

Fun Fact #3

I like cloudy days far more than sunny ones