Anne Thompson



Wassup fool. My name is Anne and I'm part of the design team, along with my boss Gerrit. We are basically Frequency's version of April Ludgate/Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson (mustache not included). I can't decide wether I'm more Leslie or April but we're not here to talk about my Netflix addiction. Gerrit and I focus on the visual representation of Frequency across all levels. I've been responsible for building this website, working with our content team and content producers to create artwork for their channels, as well as making marketing materials for our executives. I've also assisted on the user interface and user experience ideation for Frequency Studio. When I'm not writing custom CSS for the website or working with Gerrit on dreaming up the future of TV experience, good luck getting in touch with me. I'm usually stuffing my face with whatever my sister and I have cooked, exploring new cities and neighborhoods, tricking my boyfriend into helping me build furniture for my apartment, or falling off the wall at Hollywood Boulders. I'm originally from Baltimore, MD and graduated from American University in 2016 with a BA in Graphic Design with a specialization in Print Design and Branding Systems. After graduation, I packed up my life in my car and drove across the country in search of new adventures. I found myself at Frequency a few months later and haven't looked back since. 


Fun Fact #1

I went to canada in a canoe one time

Fun Fact #2

I lived in Italy

Fun Fact #3

I played lacrosse for 15 years