Premium Content Producers

Frequency distributes content from the world’s leading content providers.

Global Distribution Network

Distribute your content to viewers around the world.

Frequency powers leading TV, Over The Top, mobile, and web video platforms. Reach new audiences on tens of millions of devices and apps while maintaining complete control.

Frequency Powered Products

Monetize Your Content

We can support how you do business today. Or we can help you develop your business and build your monetization.

You Sell Ads

We integrate with your video advertising
systems. You sell and serve your own ads.

Frequency Sells Ads

We are integrated with most leading advertising platforms and exchanges. We can sell, serve and deliver advertising for you.

Your Brand. You Control It.

It’s your brand. Your content is presented the way you want it to be.
Enjoy access to the entire Frequency network, or choose just the distribution channels you want to reach.
Choose the countries and regions where your content is available.
Target all device types, or only the ones you want.

Distributing Video Through Frequency is Simple

You provide us with a feed of your videos, tell us your business rules, and we do the rest.

We support your existing workflows, your advertising processes and units, and your other business rules.

You can be live across the entire Frequency network within 72 hours.

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