All About Us

Frequency is a Cloud-Based Internet Video Service

Frequency provides access to premium video from hundreds of the world’s top providers, including the leading TV and Multi-Channel Networks.

TV operators, Over The Top providers and device manufacturers rely on Frequency to deliver a complete and personal internet video service for their subscribers.

Operators can perform one simple integration to the Frequency platform, and enjoy unlimited access to thousands of channels of premium internet video. Frequency’s content is fully licensed, and available for all devices and in all regions globally.

The Frequency platform is intelligent and all the services are cloud-based and portable.

Who We Are

We are a software and media company based here in Los Angeles. We’re a bunch of computer programmers, musicians, writers, suits, pilots, curators and inventors. You can see and connect with some of us here.

What We Know

Frequency was founded in 2010 with the vision of delivering a personalized video experience to consumers.

We believe that the next generation of video services must be as personal, immediate, connected and portable as the other online services that are part of our daily lives.

In our world, we have an ever-increasing number of screens. We have screens in our bathrooms and bedrooms, in our kitchens and living rooms. Some screens are big and fixed, some are small and portable. We have screens in our bags and our cars, on our desks and in our pockets.

My video service knows where I am and what I want to watch. It delivers me my favorite channels and creators. It shows me what’s happening in my world, what my friends are doing, and what matters. It entertains me and informs me. It learns from what I do, it’s always on, and it’s live.

Frequency was built to power this.

Blair Harrison
Founder & CEO
Los Angeles, 2015

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