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House Of Cards Junkie (Parody)

16h ago

Must leave work. Must go home watch House of Cards. House of Cards good. Outside world bad.  


House of Cards parody: This is your brain on House Of Cards. Are you doing House of Cards? If you know other House of Cards junkies, please share and make their day! Like, favorite, and subscribe for more videos! Spoof of Kevin Spacey's character Francis Underwood in the amazing show House of Cards on Netflix. Subscribe for more vids: Written by Jon Rudnitsky - Directed by Jonathan David Produced by Matt Fisher Cinematography by Zach Walnau Sound by Madeline Puzzo Starring: Frank Underwood - Jon Rudnitsky - Jack - Kevin Comartin Boss - Tim Mckernan Victoria - Victoria Time Sandra - Emily Pendergast Watch Netflix's official "House of Cards" Trailer: