"Up On The Hill" Main Trailer

4y ago


In 1943, the Manhattan Project was started at Los Alamos, New Mexico, on land taken from Native American pueblos. There, scientists developed the world's first atomic bombs, which killed up to a quarter of million people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since then the work has continued at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where a new generation of scientists have designed the majority of the U.S.’ nuclear bombs and warheads, weapons of mass destruction hundreds of times larger than those first two bombs. The cost of this work is immense. Billions of dollars of taxpayers money spent on weapons production and handed over as profit to the private corporation that runs the laboratory. Radioactive and chemical pollution spills uncontrolled into the surrounding air, land and water, gravely affecting the health of local communities, and poisoning the water supply of Santa Fe. "Up On The Hill" exposes the horrifying truth of the weapons production, corporate profiteering and environmental and health consequences of the work of Los Alamos National Laboratory - truths that for too long citizens and politicians alike have chosen to ignore. Please help us to raise funds to finish this very important documentary. Our Facebook and Twitter links are on www.UpOnTheHillFilm.com and our IndieGoGo campaign is LIVE! Please donate what you can to help us finish this film! http://www.indiegogo.com/Up-On-The-Hill?a=464836 http://www.uponthehillfilm.com http://www.facebook.com/up.on.the.hill.film http://twitter.com/uponthehillfilm Thank you everyone!