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the dance

the dance

ZiRENZ - Timeless - Matt Holliday Remix

4y ago


Video edited and produced by ZozyBlue Visual Project ZiRENZ -Timeless - Matt Holliday Remix On full Release Friday 13th JULY 2012, full details below about the release. This is the first of the Remix packages to release off of the well received Cinematic Trance EP with the Japanese track Timeless. This song was influenced by the film Memoirs of a Geisha that tells a story of everlasting love a "Timeless love". The ZiRENZ sing in both traditional Japanese and English an use some traditional Japanese Instrumentation for authentic texture which many of the remixers have combined with their own style and visions of Cinematic Trance landscape. With a massive selection of 2012 Remixes from the New Cinematic Trance Movement team the tune called "Timeless" has been brought to the dance floor with Remixes from the fresh talents of Ben Alonzi & Olegparadox, Tim Beasmusca, Pandora, Matt Holliday, Subimpact, Thomas Shore, Khazzen, Christian Drost and the amazing iconic Chris Jennings (Hemstock & Jennings) brings a fusion of Trance and Complextro we call it "Tranceplextro" to the mix. Andy Prinz also adds his amazing touch with his high quality re-mastering therefore we believe you cannot fail to find a mix that will fit your DJ set with The sounds of the Cinematic Trance Movement who are all bursting with quality both in choice of instrumentation, arrangement and the sound design of each remix that we are very proud to present to you as our second release on Offshore Music Entertainment. Label copy info: ZiRENZ -- Timeless The 2012 Remixes - Offshore Music Entertainment Title: ZiRENZ -- Timeless - The 2012 Remixes 1. ZiRENZ Timeless -- Ben Alonzi & Olegparadox Intro Remix 2. ZiRENZ Timeless - Matt Holliday Remix 3. ZiRENZ Timeless - Tim Beasmusca Remix 4. ZiRENZ Timeless - Chris Jennings Tranceplextro Remix 5. ZiRENZ Timeless - Ben Alonzi & Olegparadox extended Remix 6. ZiRENZ Timeless - Subimpact Remix 7. ZiRENZ Timeless - Khazzen Remix 8. ZiRENZ Timeless - Ben Alonzi Vocal Remix 9. ZiRENZ Timeless - Pandora Remix 10. ZiRENZ Timeless - Christian Drost Remix 11. ZiRENZ Timeless -- Thomas Shore Remix 12. ZiRENZ Timeless - Ben Alonzi Instrumental Remix Original tune from the ZiRENZ Cinematic Trance EP written, composed & produced by Bex Hazard & Cat Llewelyn aka ZiRENZ with additional writing & production by L.Elston. Published by Black Cat Sounds and 23rd Precinct & Notting Hill Music. Vocals & Lyrics by ZiRENZ. C+P 2011 Offshore Music Entertainment Switzerland