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BerhaneLove - ZION TROD _0001.wmv

4y ago


The title of this video "Zion Trod" has dual concepts which are both literal and spiritual. Zion is conceived and defined by many people with different interpretations. The general Christian community interprets "Zion" as a spiritual place free of sin and blemish and one has to die in order to enter such place. The Rastafarian's interpretation, shares some commonalities in terms of the concept of the place where the laws and principles of JAH prevail and peace and harmony dominates. However Rastafarian does not share the concept that one has to die to enter Zion. Rastafarian recognizes that one's 'mind' is the initial conception of 'Zion'. From the moment an individual becomes conscious of his or her ability to control their thoughts and action they must commit themselves to shaping their personality and character thus conforming to the laws and principles of JAH. This act of commitment and loyalty will clarify their rights to become a citizen of Jah's Royal Family. Rastafarians have identified both the Supreme Being and dwelling place where H.I.S Kingdom is established. His Imperial Majesty Selassie I 1st is the Eternal King and Ethiopia is the place where H.I.S. Kingdom is established. The bible has also confirmed this theory (Ps: 87) among other scriptures. This music video track encourages everyone willing to heed the many warnings and signs by detach themselves from the ways and trend of the Babylonian system. First purifying one mind from the teachings and fabricated illusion that has been taught over the many years and is believed by the masses. This concept teaches that no one can see God and HE will return out of the sky to redeem HIS people and take them up into the sky with HIM to heaven beyond the clouds. Rastafarians have radically stuck to a more practical and logical path in their interpretation of the scriptures, also recognizing it flaws as it has gone through many translations by men along the way with various personal agendas and influences. Righteousness and the truth will prevail in the end.